At Super AIP, our vision is AI for All. We are reimagining AI. so that everyone could benefit from it.

Super AIP provides the latest cutting edge technology used to build, deploy Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms for Education, Agriculture and Retails Industry.



At Super AIP Polaris, we're conducting research in the general AI space, considering different domains, and developing tools to ensure AI can be accessed and harnessed by all. We are conducting extensive research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We have started our journey by enabling the youth to become future ready by imparting knowledge of Applied Artificial Intelligence to students of all age groups. Along with our enterprise AI solutions, we are focussing on three major segments in education K12, Higher Education and Professional Programs.


We aim to build safe and beneficial AI that will help every individual as well as organization to do and achieve more using AI.

Making a Difference

We, at Super AIP Polaris, understand that the future is Artificial Intelligence. We believe that the integration of AI in various fields is imminent, One such field is education, where AI will provide differentiated and individualized learning, universal access to the students, automate admin tasks and provide tutoring as well as support outside classrooms. To help understand the concept and to be equipped with adequate knowledge, we provide courses. We aim to build safe and beneficial AI that will help all of humanity to do and achieve more using AI.



Expertise (Mastering Your Art)
Integrity ( Doing the right thing when no one is watching you)
Commitment ( Delivering what you commit. Words, actions and results are aligned)
Empathy and Satisfaction (Empathy and happiness for self, peers and for customer through incomparable service)

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